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  • Executive Committee Over-all control and management
  • Development Committee Development work of the college
  • Examination Committee Rules relating to the conduct of examinations and declaration of results
  • Finance Committee Deals with finance matters
  • Syllabus Committee Discuss problems relating to existing syllabus
  • Quarters Allotment Committee Allotment of quarters
  • Purchase Committee Decides all matters relating to new purchases
  • Discipline Committee Looks after the discipline of the college
  • Financial Aid Committee Takes decisions regarding financial aid to the economically backward students
  • College Admission Committee Decides all matters relating to new admissions
  • Students’ Grievance & Appeal Committee Listens to the grievances of students and redresses them
  • Residential Committee Looks after problems relating to hostels
  • Internal Audit Committee Helps in the auditing of financial matters of the office

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