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BOARD OF STUDIES (BS) There shall be one BS for each Teaching Department comprising:

i) Head of the Department as Chairman, ex-officio.

ii) Teachers of the Department(s) of the subject(s) concerned to a maximum of five, preferable from different fields of specialization.

iii) Two experts from the subject(s) from outside the College to be nominated by the AC.

iv) One expert to be nominated by the Vice-chancellor of Sambalpur University from the panel of six names recommended by the Principal. The Chairman, with the approval of the Principal, the Chairman may co opt two experts on the subject from outside the College.

Term: Two years in case of members under (ii) above. They shall continue to be the members of the BS for two years or till such date, as they shall continue to be the members of the staff of the College, Whichever is earlier.

i) The BS of the Department in the College shall Prepare the curriculum for various courses keeping in view the objectives of the College, local and national requirement, for consideration and approval of the AC.

ii) Suggest a panel of names to the AC for appointment of question setters and examiners.

iii) Co-ordinate research, teaching, extension and any other academic activity in the department /college.

iv) Suggest methodologies for innovative teaching and evaluation technique.

v) Monitor teaching, learning in the college through assessment of the learner(s) performance and suggest improvement/modification on the basis of such assessment taking care to see that the curriculum is not changed too often.

vi) Change/modify/improve the curriculum in a subject, if necessary, after the assessment of the learner's performance, teacher's opinion and new developments in the subject but not before three batches of students pass out.

Meeting: The Principal of the college shall draw the schedule for the meetings of the BS for different Departments. Each BS shall ordinarily meet at least once a year.

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