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Vice President
Smt. J. Mallick, Sociology

Smt. M.E.K. Nag, Economics


1. All the day scholars of the college shall be members of the forum. 2. The objects of the forum shall be taking up such activities as will foster a spirit of fellowship and co-operation among all the day scholars of the college . 3. There shall be an Executive committee consisting of a. The Principal - Ex-Officio president b. The Vice- President - Nominated by the principal c. Secretary – Elected from among the day scholars d. Joint –Secretary -Elected from among 1st yr of day scholars e. Class Representatives – One from each of the classes f. Women Representatives – One representatives from women students . 4. a) The secretary shall be entrusted with the financial disbursement and account of the association . He shall submit the expenditure statement with proper vouchers and certificates to the president through the Vice –president / Associate Vice –president b) The secretary shall not incur any expenditure for the forum without the prior sanction of the Vice –president . 5. The elected office bearers shall ordinarily hold office till results of the Annual /Test Examination are announced . 6. The principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the forum. 7. Meeting of the forum shall be open to all members of the staff and visitors .

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