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Books in the college library are classified into sections and subsections. The staff and the students of the college may use the college library. A librarian manages the works of library under the supervision of a teaching member of the staff. The following are the library rules to be taken notice of : 1) No books should be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the librarian and until it has been properly entered in the issue register and the entry attested by the borrower. 2) Students should take out books on production of identity cards which will be given to them at the time of Admission. 3) Each borrower must examine the conditions of the book before they are issued. Otherwise in case of multilation, discolouring the presumption will be against the borrower. 4) Books issued to the students should be returned with 14 days. 5) When the date for return of books falls on an authorized holiday, at should be returned to the library the next working day. 6) All books belonging to library and in the possession of borrower should be returned to the library before the date of notification for the purpose. 7) Whosoever might have library book in his/her possession should return it to the library whenever he/she receives a requisition notice for the return of the book from the librarian. 8) Books taken out of the library must be returned to none other than the librarian. 9) No marginal or other Notes or marking shall be made in the library books nor shall any picture or page be removed or torn or disfigured. In such cases the borrower may be asked to replace the book damaged by him/her. 10) The librarian will report to the principal the names of persons responsible for improper use of the library books. 11) Although ordinarily there is no restriction of issue of any books to the students, the principal has the right to stop issuing certain books to all or some intending borrowers. 12) A borrower against whom any overdue or any charge is outstanding shall not be allowed to withdraw his/her deposit unit library dues are cleared. 13) (a)If any borrower keeps a library books in his/ her possession for more than the time allowed for the purpose, no more books will be issued to him/he until the books concerned is returned to the library. (b) A student who fails to return the book in time will be liable to pay fine of 60 paise for each day of delay upto a certain period to be notified. 14) a) Inside the library silence is to be observed strictly. b) Any other act of indiscipline inside the library will be dealt with seriouly. 15) The following is a list showing the maximum number of books that may be issued to various classes of borrowers. a) Member of the Teaching Staff - 10 b) Demonstrators / Laboratory Assistants/ Librarian/ Asst. Librarian - 04 c) Other (Class-III) -

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