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The DC shall comprise:

i.The principal as chairman , Ex-officio .

ii.One senior teacher as development coordinater , Member secretary .

iii.Five senior teacher nominated by the principal .

iv.Superintendent of all hostels , Ex- officio .

v.Prof –in –charge , UGC .matters .

TERM: Two years except for ex-officio member . In case of nomination made under (iii)above , they shall continue to be member of DC for two year or till such time as they shall continue as member of staff of the college , whichever is earlier .


i.The DC shall be the planning body of the college and shall monitor the physical and infra –strructural development of the college .

ii.The DC shall place its proposals and recommendation before the EC for approval . iii.The DC shall coordinate with apporpriate Government authority for implementation of developmental programme .

Meeting : The DC shall ordinarly meet at least three time a year convened by the secretary in consultation with the Chairman .

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