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Composition: The DP shall comprise.

i.The principal as chairman ex-officio .

ii.The senior most teacher of the college as the executive chairman .

iii.The Administrative Bursar as the member secretary .

iv .One senior teacher from each faculty to be nominated by the principal .

v.Four member of staff at least one of whom shall be a lady member to be nominated by the principal .

Term : The Term shall be two years except for ex-officio member . The nomination made under (iv)and (v) above shall continue to be the member of the DP for two year or till such time as they shall continue as member of the staff of the college whichever is earlier .

Functions :

i.The DP shall be an advisory committee to regulate and enforces discipline among the students and employees of the college and to take appropriate action wherever necessary .

ii.The DP shall inverstage and consider all matter of dicipline of students and employees of the college and shall place their recommendation before the EC for approval.

Meeting : The meeting of the DP shall be convened by the secretary is consultation with the chairman as and when cases of indiscipline shall arise.

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