The Equal Opportunity Cell is established with following members to ensure that all the students
will get equal opportunity without any determination.

- Dr. Bijaya Kumar Behera, Principal (Chairperson)
- Dr. Sasmita Samal, HOD, Chemistry (Convener)

- Choudhury Pradosh Ranjan (Advisor Member)
- Mrs. Antima Kar (Advisor Member)
- Mrs. Manisha Naik (Advisor Member)
- Sri Ajay Kumar Behera (Advisor Member)
- Sri Bhakti Prasad Mohapatra (Advisor Member)
- Sri Abhin Khadia (Advisor Member)

- Sri Saroj Kumar Sahu (Parent’s Member)
- Pinky Oram (Student’s member)
- Rani Mahanandia (Student’s member)
- Amit Behera (Student’s member)

Objectives EOC :

To promote diversity and inclusive practices on the campus and provide adequate opportunity
to the disadvantage groups.

To provide equal access to resources for the differently able and to create an environment
of sustainability for them with a eye on paying more attention to their special needs.

To disseminate the information related to the schemes and programmes for the welfare of
the socially disadvantaged group (SC/ ST / OBC / WOMEN) and minorities.

To sensitize all the departments on the problem of SC/ST and other disadvantaged group.

The committee shall meet at least twice in a semester to review the activities of the cell
and to solve the problem if any.