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FINANCE COMMITTEE: Composition i) The Principal as the Chairman, ex-officio. ii) A person to be nominated by the EC. iii) One senior teacher of the College to be nominated by the Principal, one of them to act as Member Secretary. Term: i) The FC shall be an advisory body to the EC and shall meet atleast twice a year to prepare the budget estimate relating to grants received receivable from the UGC, Government and Non Government sources, income from fees etc. Collected and place them before the EC for approval. ii) The FC shall consider the audited accounts of the college. iii) The FC shall fix limits of the total recurring and non-recurring expenditure of the year based on the income and resources of the college. The college in excess of the limits so fixed shall incure no expenditure. iv) The College without the concurrence of the FC shall incur no expenditure. v) The FC shall prescribe the Admission Fee. Tution Fee subject to the approval of the Governemt and other sessional charges to be paid by the students, as suggested by AD. vi) The FC shall recommend rates of remuneration/ honorarism, T.A. DA and CA for various persons, as suggested by the Committees concerned.

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