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COMPOSITION : The GC shall comprise :

i.The principal as chairman , ex-officio .

ii.Executive chairman /member secretary / secretary of all committee except theEC.

iii.The senior most member shall act as the secretary of the GC.

TERM : Two years except for the principal .


i.To scrutinze,investgate and consider all petition /grievances / complaints of the students and employees of the college or those submitted by guadians and citizens and place their considered opnion approval of the EC.

ii.To idetify potencial areas of error in the system as whole and suggest preventive/ remedial measure in the form of re solution for the approval of EC.

iii.To perform such other duties as shall be assigned to it from time to time .


Meeting of the GC shall be convened as and when required by the secretary in consultation with the chairman . Ordinarily , however , the GC shall meet at leasts twice a year to review the funtion as enumarated under (ii)above .


The Officer of thecollege shall be the chairman , principal , [al , Vice-principal ,Administrative Bursar,Accounts Bursar , controller of examination and such other person as may be designated as such by the Executive committee .


The following shall be the authorities of the college :

i.The Executive committee and

ii.Such other committee / authorities as may be constituted by Executive committee .


All legal suits instituted by or on behalf of the college shall be in the name of theGovernment Autonomous college (autonomous ), Rourkela . For conduct of all such suits and for the defence in all suits brought against the college , the principal or an officer of the college duly authorised by the principal shall represent the college ,sign the pleading ,recive summons attend the court , consult lawyers and take such other steps as may be necessary in connection with the suits under the general discretion of the principal .


An Annual Report on the performance and activities of the college during the year shall be prepared by the college for the information of the Government / UGC /Sambalpur University and the member of the executive committee . A draft of the Annual Report so approved be published and forwarded to all concerned .


Where there is no provision or sufficient provision in any matter in these rules the decision of the EC shall be final for all purpose . Where any doubt arises in interpretation of any provision in these rules the matter shall be reffered to the EC whose decision shall be final and binding .


The nomination and / or appointments of members by the principal to any committee to act in whatever capacity shall be binding on the members (s). Any refusal to accept such nomination and appointment , without satisfactory explaination or on reasonable ground , shall be considered to be an act of indiscipline or insubordination .


Alteration or amendment of any of these rules may be made by resolution (s)passed by a two third majority of the total member of the EC present and voting in meeting convenced for the purpose subject to the approval by the Government . Alteration or Amendment of any these rules may be made by the EC through Circulation of a resolution among the member of the EC and such decision shall be deemed to have passed in a affairmative . This is also subject to the approval by the Government.

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