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Composition : The LC shall comprise :

i.The principal as the chairman , ex-officio .

ii.One senior teacher to be nominated by the principal as Executive chairman .

iii.The Librarian of the college as Member secretary ,ex-officio .

iv.One teacher from each discipline to be nominated by the principal member .

v.Prof –in-charge , UGC matters .

vi.One from the Library staff to be nominated by the principal .

Term :

The term of each member shall be two years except for ex-officio member .In case of nomination under (ii),(iv) above ,the member shall continue to be the member of LC for two years or till as they shall continue as member of staff of the college ,whichever is earlier .


i.The LC shall formulate policies pertaining to purchasement of books , journals ,magazines ,periodicals , furniture ,equipment and stationery required for the Library and Reading Room.

ii.The LC shall be responsible for maintenance of all kinds of property of the Library and the Reading Room .

iii. The LC shall make regulations regarding issue and return of books etc .

iv.The LC shall recommend proposals for weeding out irrelevant stock and for introducing new material for approval of the EC .

v.The LC shall sumite a phase proposal to computerize the holding in the library and make them available on line in future for approval of the EC.

vi.The LC shall please the annual requirement of the library before the EC for approval.

vii.The LC shall be responsible for the smooth running of the day to day activities of the library .

Meetings :

The LC shall meet at any time depending upon the requirement but no less than three times a year and such meeting shall be convened by the secretary in consultation with the chairman / Executive chairman with at least 48 hours notice . Fifty percent of the total member shall constitute the quorum of such meetings.

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