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Subit Lakra

+3 2nd Yr Arts




Pradyush Ranjan B Behera

+3 1st Yr Arts








The Athletic Association of the college undertakes the organization of athletic activities in college . It send college teams to join athletic meets and tournaments held locality and under the auspices of the University and District bodies . 1. The Athletics Association of Government Autonomous college,Rourkela shall consist of all the students of the college . 2. The affairs of the society shall be managed by an executive committee consisting of the following . a. President –Principal (ex-officio ) b. Vice –president –nominated by the principal from among the members of the teacher staff . c. Associate Vice –president -as nominated by the principal . d. The physical Training Instructor . e. A secretary and Asst . Secretary elected by the students of the college . f. One girls representative elected by the girl students or nominated by the principal. Only playing members shall be preferred as class representatives . As mentioned under (vii)and (viii) above . 3. Election of office bearers of the Association shall be held at the beginning of each session on such date and in such manner as decided by the principal . 4. The tenure of the executive shall be one academic session . 5. The executive will prepare and pass the budget and get it approved by the principal . 6.The Vice –president will be in charge of the accounts and all correspondence in connection with the Association including the ordering of goods . He will be the General superintendent of the games . 7. The secretary will convene all meeting of the committee .Prepare the annual report, conduct all business assigned to him by the Vice –president and organize the college games . 8. The PET will a) Copy all the invoice in the stock book. b) Keep an account of the sport goods . c) Look after playground . d) Do such workin connection with sports activities as the Vice –president assigns him and e) Attend to any other work assigned by the Principal . 9. I he principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the Athletic society .

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