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1.There shall be a society of the students of the college who study humanities named as Humanities society of Government Autonomous college, Rourkela .

2.The aim of the society is to arrange seminars ,lectures by eminent persons and symposia of different subjects .

3.The affairs of the society shall be managed by an executive committee consisting of the following .

a. President – Principal (ex–officio )

b. Vice –president –nominated by the principal from among the teacher in the Humanities Departments .

c. Associate Vice-president as nominated by the principal .

d. Assistant secretary to be elected by the Humanities student from among the non examination classes.

4.The secretary shall in consultation with the Vice –president .

a. Call meetings of the society and the Executive committee .

b. Maintain all records and proceeding and

c. Do all other work as instructed by the Executive committee .

5. The Assistant secretary shall assist the secretary in the discharge of his duties and perform all his work in his absence .

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