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DRAMATIC CLUB 1. The Dramatic club of the college is called “The Government Junior College Rourkela Dramatic society 2. All the students of +2 classes are members of this Association 3. The principal of the college shall be the Ex-officio President of the Dramatic Club 4. The affairs of the club shall be managed by a committee consisting of the following members . a. Principal –Ex-Officio president b.Vice –president ,Associate Vice –president and some member of the staff Nominated by the principal . c. Secretary –Elected from among the student of +2 classes . Jt. Sec-Elected from +2 1st yr.student . d. Six Class Representatives –one from each class e. One Women Representative – 5. The duties of the committee are : a. To decide the subject of the drama to be staged during the Spring Festival and get it approved by the principal . b. To prepare the budget for the year and get it approved by the principal. c.To audit the expenditure of drama within a month after staging drama . d . To sanction expenditure for the purpose to stage the drama . 6. a) The secretary shall keep the minutes of the society and the Joint secretary shall be in charge of the account . Both of them will be responsible for the successful staging of the drama and all other work between them will be don by the Dramatic club . b) Either secretary shall submit the expenditure statement supported by proper vouchers &certificates to the president through the Dramatic Vice –president withing 30 day from the last day of clubs Annual Function . c.The secretary or the Joint secretary cannot incur any expenditure for the society without the prior sanction of Dramatic club committee. d. The quorum for any ordinary meeting of the committee shall be seven .

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