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a. Election of the office bearers to this club will be held by ballots through election . b . Only the paying members are eligible as class representatives and they can be elected only by the members of the class which they represent . c . The principal ,the Vice –president , the Associate Vice –president , Physical Training Instructor and class representatives will elect Captains &Vice –captain for Football ,Hockey , Cricket,Volley Ball ,Tennis and such other organised outdoor games as may exist . d . The choice for secretaryship and Joint secretaryship shall be confined to students . e. The secretary or Joint secretary can not at the same time be captain for any game . If a student is elected both secretary and captain , he shall resign from one of the offices .

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR CANDIDATES (For +2,+3,P.G . Classes General Rules ) Eligibility of a candidate shall be decided as per the new guidelines given by the Hon’ble Supreme court of India , as specified below . 1. Age Limit :(15-22)year for +2and Degree students and maximum 25Years for P.G. students as on the date of nominations . 2. Candidates should not had any academic arrears (back paper )in the year of contesting the election . 3. Attendance : At least 75%in the current session . 4. Criminal Records :The candidate should not have been tried or convicted of any criminal offense or misdemeanor nor have been subjected to any disciplinary action by the college .(Desirous candidates must have to produce a police Verification certificate to satisfy this requirement ) 5. The candidate must be a regular full time student of the college .

CODE OF CONDUCT AND OTHER CONDITIONS 1. Expenditure : A candidate can make an election expenditure up to a maximum of Rs .5000/-. He is required to submit complete and certified accounts to the college authorities within two weeks of the declaration of the results ,failing which election of the candidate shall be nullifies . 2. Posters and pamphlets : No printed posters or pamphlets or any other printed matter can be used by the candidate for the purpose of canvassing . They can only use handmade posters and can fix the same in the place specified for the purpose by the college authorities . Fixing of posters /banners on the college walls and outside the premises shall render his candidature ineligible . 3. Meeting and canvassing :Candidates are not permitted to hold meetings or processions outside the college campus nor they can disturb the normal functioning permitted to make a speech during the meeting on “why I stand’. They can not use loud speakers ,vehicles and animals for the purpose of canvassing . The candidates are not permitted to cast aspersions on other candidates of the college authorities during their speech . They can neither indulge in activities that would aggravate commotion by creating by creating feeling among castes,communities ,religious or languages .They can only speak about their policies and programme . Candidates can’t canvass 24 hours before the commencement of the election . 4. Corrupt practices : Candidate are prohibited from corrupt practices like bribing or votes . Intridation of voters ,distribution of eatables and other consumables to voters and providing transportation to voters . They are also prohibited to have association with political parties and received funds from them for the election .Candidate found to be involved in defacing the college or loss of college property shall be subject to disciplinary action .

VIOLATION OF CODE OF CONDUCT : The candidate founds to be violating any of the above mentioned code of conduct shall be liable to be stripped of his candidature /elected post and shall be subject to disciplinary action under the provisions of Indian penal code 1860 sec 153-A Chapter IX-AX offenses relating to elections .

ELECTION : The principal shall notify the entire election schedule as per the directives of the Govt.

FILLING OF NOMINATION : Desirous and eligible candidates for different posts of the Union /sister Association / +2cultural Associations may file their nominations with the verifying officer in the specified venture and time as notified by the principal . Forms for nomination shall be made available in the college counter on production of the Identity card (duly renewed for the current session )and on payment of Rs.5/-per form . No student can contest for more than one post under the students Unions /+2 Cultural Association /Sister Association . The desirous candidates shall appear before the verifying officer along with proposer and a seconder who should be bonafied student of the college . No student can become a proposer /seconder for more than one candidate for the some post . The candidate, proposer of the seconder can be any bonafied student of the college (+2and +3& P.G. separately )for the post of office bearers of the students Union /+2 Cultural Association ,Athletic Association and Dramatic society . However ,for the post of Humanities society science society and commerce society ,the candidate ,proposer and seconder shall have to be from the corresponding stream . For the post of students common Room (Boys /Girl) the candidate. Proposer and seconder shall have to from corresponding gender . In case of the post of class representative the candidate ,proposer and the seconder must belong to the corresponding class and stream . The aspiring candidate ,while filling the nomination shall have to proposer and seconder original documents along with Xerox copies for versification . 1. Police Verification certificate . 2. Mark sheets of all previous end –term/P.G.part –I Exams . The filled in nomination form shall be signed by the candidate ,proposer and seconder before the verifying officer (s)by producing authentic Identity cards (Renewed For the session 2009-12)

CONDUCT OF ELECTION : On the date of election bonafied student voters shall be prnalitted to enter in to the college premises to cast their votes only on the production of authentic Identity cards (renewed fir the session 2009 -12) . They shall cast their votes in the notified venue at the notified time only . Ballot papers shall be provided the polling Officer on duty after verifying the identification of the voter and taking his signature on the vobers list . The voter shall put ‘X’mark within the space provided against the name of the candidate to whom he /she wishes to vote ,in a secret manner and drop the same in the ballot box after folding it . The empty ballot box shall be shown to voters ,if present in the room and then locked with seal at the beginning of the voting hour . The voters premises immediately after casting their vote . The ballot box shall be sealed by the verifying officer immediately ,at the close of the election hour . The polling officer shall submit the closed and sealed ballot box to the advisor ,college Union along with other documents after the closure of the voting process . Counting of votes shall commence at stipulated time and venue on the same day by central counting process in presence of one agent per candidate .The candidate may issue agent slip duly supplied and countersigned by the advisor . The candidate for whom highest number of votes have been cast shall be declared elected . However , in case of equality of votes or a tie between two or more candidates the candidate shall be chosen by drawing of a lot . There shall be not recounting of votes under any circumstances .

GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL MECHANISM : There shall be a Grievance Redressal Call to be constituted as follows 1. Advisor , student Union Chairman . 2. Two senior Faculty Members Member 3. Two Final year students on the basis of merit (One girl and One boy )Member The Grievance Cell shall prosecute the violators of the code of conduct and shall serve as the court of original Jurisdiction . However , the principal shall have appeliate jurisdiction in legal controversies . Principal , Government Autonomous College, Rourkela and Government Junior College, Rourkela shall be the final authority in the matters relating to the formation of the students Union / +2Cultural Association and other Sister Association .

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