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Ratikanta Sethy

+3 3rd Yr. Science




Vishal Kumar Gupta

+3 2nd Yr. Commerce




Rachita Pati

PG 1st Yr. Computer Science












THE STUDENTS UNION (+3&PG ) The students union shall remain the sole tribune of students opinion in the college .

OBJECTIVE OF THE UNION : 1. Organization of discussions on general,cultural academic issues of national and international importance . 2. Organization of debates and symposia. 3. Inviting eminent persons to address the union . 4. To represent to the authorities the view of the members on all matters relating to them;and 5. Taking up such other activities as proposed by the union and approved by the principal .

MEMBERSHIP OF THE UNION Every bonafide student (one who is on long rolls )except those belonging to the +2 classes is member of the union . All meeting of the union shall be open to all members of the staff who ,if they so desire can take part in the proceedings .

THE OFFICE BARERS The The following shall be the office bearers of the college Union (i)The president (ii)The Vice–President (iii) The secretary (iv) The Assistant secretary . The President : Any member of the Union is eligible to contest for the post of the president of the Union . The President over all ordinary meetings of the Union in which he /she is present . He/She shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting rules . He/Her ruling shall be final except where he /she requested the Advisor to give a ruling,in which case the ruling of the Advesor shall be considered final. The Vice –President: i. The vice –president shall be student of either the +3 1st year or 2nd year or P.G. 5TH year class . ii. In the absence of the president ,the Vice -President shall asume all his /her rights and discharge all his/her duties . The Secretary : i.Any member of the Union is eligible to confest fir the post of the secretary if the Union . ii.The Secretary shall arrange debates ,give notice of all meeting whether annual ordinary or extra –ordinary , and record the minutes . iii. He /She shall select the subject fir debate in consultation with the president and Advisor . iv. He /She shall keep the accounts of the Union . The Assistant Secretary : i. The Assistant secretary shall be student of either +3 1st year or 2nd year or P.G 5TH year class. ii.The Assistant secretary shall assist the secretary in discharge his /her duties and in his /her absence perform all his /her functions .

THE ADVISOR AND ASSOCIATE ADVISORS : a) i. There shall be an Adviser appointed by the principal from among the members of the teaching staff. ii. The Asvisor shall be present at all meetings of the Union . He /She will assist by his /her helpful suggestions ,if necessary ,in the proper conduct of the meeting . iii.The President may refer to him /her any rule for interpretation and the decision of the Advisor when so reffered to shall be final . iv.Subject to provision in rule 12(a) below ,the Advisor will not president over a meeting of the Union unless the president requests him /her to do so in writing . b) The principal may appoint any member of the staff as Associate Advisor to assist the Advisor in the discharge of his /her duties .

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE : a. i. All office –bearers of the college Union . ii. One representative from each class Arts ,Science and Commerce taken separately . b. The Advisor shall be present at all meetings of the Executive committee . c.The function of the Executive committee shall be i.To draw up the programme of the Union for the session. ii.To adopt the Union budget for the session. iii. To undertake such activities as are consistent with the objectives of the Union . d) i. An ordinary meeting of the executive committee may be called by the secretary in consultation with the President and Advisor . ii.Notice of an ordinary meeting with date ,time,place and agenda shall be given to member at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. iii.An extra ordinary meeting of the committee can be convened at any time either by the President or by the principal . e) i.A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be president over by the president or in his /her absence by the Vice –president . ii.Fifty percent of the member of the Executive committee shall constitute the quorum . f) The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee shall be maintained by the secretary and a copy there of shall be communicated to the principal through the Advisor with in two days after every meeting .

COLLEGE UNION FUND : All member of the college Union shall pay a consolidated membership fee per annum to be collected by the college office .

VACANCIES OF OFFICES : a. The office bearers shall hold office for the entire academic session unless . i.They cease to be students of the college . ii. They voluntarily resign in writing addressed to the principal . iii.They are removed by a motion passed by a two third majority of the member of the Union present expressing lack of confidence in them ,at an extra ordinary meeting of the Union called for the purpose . b) Not withstanding any vacancy Executive Committee shall function to discharge its duties in the normal way. c) i.Office bearers who appear at the final University Examination shall be deemed to have vacated their offices in the dates they fill up the application form for final term and examinations . ii. If the President and the secretary shall succeed themas Acting President and the Acting –secretary respectively .

EXTRA – ORDINARY MEETING OF THE UNION : a) An extra –ordinary meeting of the Union may be convented i. At the Principals discretion . ii. At the instance if the president . iii. On a written requisition addressed to the principal and signed by not less than one third of the members of the Union . The principal if his /her nominee shall preside over all extra ordinary meeting .

ORDINARY MEETING OF THE UNION : i.All meeting other than mentioned in article 9,above shall be deemed ordinary meetings which will usually be presided over by the president . ii. At least two days notice shall be given to convence an ordinary meeting by the secretary indicating the time place and agenda of the meeting .

INVITATION OF A NON –MEMBER TO A MEETING : The secretary may with permission of the principal invite a person who is not a member of the college to take part on debates and other meetings . Such persons will speak after the motion has been duly proposed and opposed by member of the Union .

PROCEDURE IN THE MEETING OF THE UNION : i. In the absence of both the president and the Vice –president in an ordinary meeting the member present will elect a chairman from among themselves and the Advisor takes as the chairman until such election is over . The chairman shall assume all the rights and discharge all the duties of the president in that meeting . ii.At the commencement of each ordinary meeting the secretary shall read out the minutes of the last ordinary meeting and other subsequent meetings of the Union . If any . The minute in being approved shall be signed by the president . iii.Amendments to the motion if any ,shall be submitted in writing to the secretary at the beginning of the meeting . No amendment will be in order which in effect negates the original motion . An amendment shall be discussed only after the amendment is proposed . iv.No member other than the mover of a motion shall speak more than once in the course of the debate. At the conclusion of the debate the mover may at his/her option replay the debate . v.Point of order : The Advisor ,the Associate Advisor or any member may call the presidents attention on a point of order even while a member is speaking but his speach shall be made on such a point of order .

VOTES ON DEBATE : i.At the conclusion of the debates as soon as the mover of the original motion has exercised or formally waived his /her right of replaying to the amendment ,if any ,the motion shall first be put vote . If the amendment is carried the motion as amended shall be put to vote . ii. All question in the debate shall be determined by majority of votes of members present . ii.In the votes are equally divided ,the president shall decide the question by casting his /her vote .

DISCIPLINE : i. The president may call any member to order if a member disobeys or disregards any order or rulling of the president or the Advisor or the Associate Advisor the president may forthwith ask the member to withdraw from the meeting and shall report his / her name to the principal . If necessary ,the president may dissolve the meeting . ii.In any case not provided for in these rules the Advisor or the Associate Advisor shall give a rulling as to procedure or the principles already laid down , and his rulling be final .

AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION : i. Amendment to any of the provisions of the constitution may be brought by any member of the Union . ii.Such proposal shall be notified and circulated for eliciting the members opinions thereon . iii.A period of 5day must elapse between the notification and the day the amendment is discussed in a meeting of the Union . iv . A motion for amendment shall come in to force immediately unless otherwise decided by members of the Union . The principal shall be the Government Authority in all matter relating to the Union .

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