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Composition : The WC shall comprise :

i.The principal as chairman , ex-officio .

ii.Three teacher from each faculty to be nominated by the principal provided that one third of them shall be women teachers.

iii.Three students from each class of different faculties to be nominated by the principal on the basis of merit in the field of academics , sports , and other extra –curricular activities provided that at least one third of total student member shall be women .

iv.NCC,NSS and YRC offer Rover /RANGER Leaders ,PET and superintendents and Asst Superintendents of all the hostels as ex-officio members . The senior most next to the chairman shall act as the Director , Student Welfare (DSW ) and secretary to the committee .

Term : The term for the student members shall be one year or till they continue to be the student of the college , whichever is earlier and two yeas for other . In case nominations made under (ii)above , the member shall remain as such for two years or till they continue as member of staff of the college , whichever is earlier .

Functions : With the objective to identify and encourage creative talents , inculcate a spirit of discipline , leadership and social awareness , promote physical and mental development among students and to provide basic amenities , the WC shall :

i.Conduct compositions in creative , cultural ,literary , sports and generals awareness activities .

ii.Arrange symposia and seminars on topics of local , national and international interest .

iii.Organize social Welfare Activities and recommend names of needy student s to the FC for Financial assistance .

iv.Ensure cleaning and maintenance of building , toilets , garden , electrical fittings , provision of sufficient water in the college Hostel and make available such utility services as canteen , First Aid center,Information Bureau, post office and Bank .

Meeting : The meeting of WC shall be held as and when required and all meeting shall be convened by DSW secretary in consultation with the chairman .Fifty percent of total number shall constitute Quorum.

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