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Composion : The XC shall comprise :

i.The principal as the chairman ,Ex-officio .

ii.There members of the AC to be nominated by the principal .

iii.There senior faculty members of the college to be nominated by the principal one of the is to act as Deputy controller of Exams .

iv.The controller of Examinations who shall be the member secretary , Exofficio .

v.The absence of the principal ,the senior most member of thecommittee shall act as the chairman and shall preside over the committee meeting (s).

Term : The term of the member of the XC shall be two year except for the chairman and member secretay .The member nominated under (iii)above shall conitnue to be the member of XC for two years or till such time as they shall continue to be member of the staff of thecollege , whichever is earlier .

Power and function :

i.TO recommend to the EC/principal with or without modification ,the name of suitable person for appointment as Examinar /Question setter ,prepared by the BS and placed by the controller of examination .There shall be a choice of three names to be considered for the appointment of every question setter and examinar in respect of the papers of all examinations.

ii.To consider the reports of Boards of conducting Examiner(BE) on thework of chife, addition ,special , assistant examiners.

iii.To consider all case of unfair practice in examination ,and make suitable recommendations to the EC.

iv.To examin and examination fee structure to the EC after getting the concurrence of the FC.

v.To prepare the modalities for Entrance Test for admission and to coduct such tests prepare the merit list for the AD .


i.Ordinarily , the XC shall meet at least twice a year .

ii.Any four of the seven members shall from the quorum for meeting of the XC.

iii.In case of emergancy, an extra-ordinary meeting of the XC can be convened by the secretary in consultation with the chairman as and when necessary .

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